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In 1988, Brendan and Greg Feeney founded Feeney Brothers — built on the ideals of integrity, teamwork, excellence, and respect. Now, operating as Feeney Brothers Utility Services and calling Boston our home for more than 25 years, we employ hundreds of the most highly skilled operators in the utility industry, providing expertise and services throughout the Northeast.

excavation crew

1983 Brothers Brendan and Greg join utility industry

Brendan and Greg Feeney began working in the utility construction industry in Boston, Massachusetts after emigrating from County Sligo, Ireland.

dump truck

1986 Brendan and Greg join forces

Brendan and Greg purchase a backhoe and dump truck and begin work as a subcontractor for a prominent utility contractor.

1988 Feeney Brothers Excavation Corporation is born

Brendan and Greg incorporate Feeney Brothers Excavation Corporation (“FBEC”).

excavation crew

1990 FBEC wins first direct contract

FBEC employs three full crews and wins its first direct contract with Boston Gas (now National Grid).

Feeney Brothers first office

1997 FBEC puts down stakes in Dorchester

After seven years of continual growth, FBEC purchases its first office in the Savin Hill neighborhood of Dorchester, Massachusetts to house its 12 crews.

2002 Service areas expand

The brothers grew the company from two employees to a dozen crews within a decade, and expanded its service areas throughout the entire southeast region of New England.

Fields Corner building

2012 FBEC moves to Fields Corner

This year marks the conversion of FBEC into a limited liability company, as Feeney Brothers Excavation LLC (“FBE LLC”) and the company moves into its 42,000 square foot headquarters on Clayton Street in the Fields Corner neighborhood of Dorchester. The building is repurposed and refurbished from the old Sturtevant Mill Building.

Feeney Brothers Go Green

2013 Feeney Brothers goes green

Feeney installs a 66,000-watt PV Solar System at its headquarters, and in less than one year, the company produces enough solar energy to offset the equivalent of 23,000 lbs. of coal and 50 barrels of oil.


Today, Feeney Brothers Utility Services has more than 700 employees and operates throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York while maintaining its core commitment to safety and quality services.

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