Feeney Brothers is equipped with the people and tools to provide innovative solutions for your underground utility needs. Our experienced and safety conscious crews take pride in providing high quality service and customer care on time and on budget.

Feeney Brothers’ work includes the installation of natural gas transmission and distribution lines, steam, telecommunications and numerous types of electrical conduit. Feeney Brothers has been installing utility pipelines in New England for over 25 years. The utility facilities range in size from 2” to 48” and include plastic and welded steel.

We work with the major utilities that distribute natural gas, electric and steam in the Boston Metropolitan area and also operate throughout Connecticut and New York. Feeney Brothers is experienced in performing work in urban, suburban and rural environments. The core of our utility work includes the expansion of new networks, as well as the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of existing infrastructure.

Feeney Brothers specialty brand of utility construction includes fabrication and installation of steel and plastic mains and services carrying pressures from 1/4 psi to 1400 psi installed in an open trench, with paving restoration, as well as keyhole work utilizing our vacuum excavation equipment. In addition, our highly trained and certified personnel and modern fleet of vehicles and equipment are available for emergency response 24/7.

Contact us today to assist you with any of the following needs:

Gas Main & Service Installation
Electric Conduit & Manhole Installation
Telecommunication Conduit & Manhole Installation
Water Main & Service Installation
Steam Pipe Installation
Site Preparation
Trenchless Technology
Hoe Ramming
Asphalt Paving
Storm Drainage
Sanitary Sewers
Street Plate & Equipment Rental
Snowplowing & Removal
24-hour Emergency Repair Services


Feeney Brothers provides 24-hour Emergency Repair Services. Our 24-hour Emergency Repair Services include:
Gas Leaks
Electrical Infrastructure Failures
Water & Sewer Repairs
Snowplowing & Removal

For 24-hour Emergency Repair Service, please contact us.