The Challenge

Liberty Utilities reached out to Feeney Brothers in November to complete a 600 ft cast iron relay project with 6 tie-ins and 15 services across 3 lanes on a main street in the center of busy Nashua, NH – before the end of the year.

The Solution

Feeney Brothers answered the call. Our experienced project managers immediately put a plan and resources in place and began executing the customer’s complex high-profile project. The tight timeline requirements, working within a high traffic zone, and layer of 10-inch asphalt contributed to this challenging project, but challenges were mitigated by detailed preparations, proactive communication with stakeholders, commitment to the schedule, and effective management of change. Feeney Brothers’ two-crew team worked in shifts for 22 hours a day, 6 days a week to get the job done – without incident and 10 days ahead of schedule.